A free solar asset management software to help you maximize your returns

Our solar asset management software provides you with many key features that will help you effectively manage the various photovoltaic systems you own. Our expertise in managing and optimizing solar assets has been transformed into a digital solution to help you take care of your solar asset portfolio – all this for free and continuously improving with new features. Forget endless Excel controlling: consolidate all your data in one central place that will let you make sound data-driven decisions in real-time, and get the most out of your investment.


  • Generate actionable insights from an owner’s perspective
  • Have a clear understanding of how your solar assets are performing
  • Optimize a single asset or whole portfolio and reduce risks
  • Benchmark and reduce expenses and increase yields
  • Capitalize on a holistic solution focused on increasing your return on equity
  • Benefit from an independent and transparent tool along entire life-cycle
  • Safely store your documents in a private and secure space

Solution tailored for:

  • Private investors and owners
  • Independent power producers
  • Commercial portfolio managers
  • Investment funds and family offices
  • Specialized O&M service providers
  • Commercial management service providers
  • Developers and EPCs

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The key features of Milk the Sun's Solar Asset Management Software

Our solar asset management software is a web-based solution designed to help you manage and optimize your photovoltaic systems throughout their entire lifetime, enhancing your return on equity. Milk the Sun’s platform is a reference in the industry, and a must-have for any owner of solar assets who wants to save time, improve efficiency, access best-in-class services, and reduce portfolio risk.

Asset valuation

Get the fair value and return on equity of your portfolio and its assets in real time, based on their technical and financial performance.

Automated yield data stream

Easily connect your existing monitoring system to the platform and automatically retrieve your energy yield data.

Marketplace access

Get offers from qualified investors for your assets by advertising them in the leading online marketplace with a few clicks.

Performance and financial tracking

Translate your energy yields into a standardized cash flow statement and never lose track of the performance of your asset.

Document management system

Do not miss any key milestone anymore - securely store documents, organize them and set important reminders.

Professional service access

Benefit from the professional services portfolio of our selected partners as well as our exclusive deal conditions.

Three easy steps to get you started


Consolidate all the relevant information of your photovoltaic systems in a single place. From technical specifications, to contracts and performance information, now you can digitally store and manage everything from your cockpit. Since we are hardware-independent, fragmentation of information will no longer be a problem.


Identify the levers available to improve the technical and financial performance of your assets. Track the energy yields of your solar asset or portfolio to pinpoint any optimization potential. Monitor the cash flow of your asset to get a clear picture of its financial performance, and that way identify the costs to be optimized and improve your overall return on equity.


Make data-driven decision to optimize the overall return of your solar assets. Having our service offering at your fingertips, improving the technical and financial performance of your asset has never been easier. With our online marketplace just a few clicks away, you can always optimize the performance of your portfolio by taking new investment decisions.

Why use Milk the Sun's Solar Asset Management Software?

Reasons to use the Solar Asset Management Software Milk the Sun

We are experts in optimizing solar assets

Our know-how gained by being the leading online marketplace and offering a complete portfolio of services for photovoltaic systems has been integrated in this solution. Profit from years of experience and improve your returns thanks to Milk the Sun’s expertise!

Reasons to use the Solar Asset Management Software Milk the Sun

We understand what you need

Our close contact and collaboration with owners of solar assets has let us understand what you need. Our software was tailor-made to meet those needs and help you get the most out of your investment – our top priority is always customer satisfaction.

Reasons to use the Solar Asset Management Software Milk the Sun

Transparent and free of charge

Using our solar asset management software is free of charge for you; you can use the complete functionality without any limitations. To support the management and optimization of your assets, we put at your disposal our service portfolio and online marketplace. Only when a transaction is triggered costs may apply – in such cases, it will be clearly communicated.

Privacy and data security

Your privacy and data security are close to our heart. That’s why we rely on safe SSL-encryption for the transfer of your information and host them only with professional providers in Germany. That means that we are subjected to some of the strictest data security and privacy laws in the world: at any time, you are the sole proprietor of your data, and only you will have access to your private information.

SSL Certificate of Solar Asset Management Software Milk the Sun

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What clients say about us


Setting up your system is very simple. Register at Milk the Sun, and you can add as many PV-Systems as you like. All you need to start is the basic system information.
Our solution is free to use. Feel free to set up your complete portfolio and start managing your investments from a single point of command. Only the transactions, if there are any, will result in costs – but this will be clearly communicated to you before it happens.
The solar asset management software was developed for the needs of private and commercial owners of PV-Systems, however it is open for everyone to use.
Yes, your data is safe and sound, transferred with SSL -encryption and hosted only with professional providers in Germany, a country with some of the strictest laws and regulations on data protection.
Yes, all the data stored in the asset management can be automatically used to order specific services or browse the marketplace.
No, if your monitoring is supported, a direct connection to your monitoring system is per API established to synchronize the energy production data in real time. This access is unilateral and doesn’t affect your system configuration.
We currently support the following monitoring systems: SMA Sunny Portal, Meteocontrol Safer’Sun and KACO Powador. More systems to be supported soon.
You can still use this solution and enter your invoice data manually. Subscribe to our newsletter to be notified when new monitoring systems are supported.
The Key Performance Indicators in Milk the Sun's Asset Management are:

Energy generated: The generated energy represents the total energy produced by the PV system during the given period by the sun rays. If you have connected your monitoring system to the website, the energy generated corresponds to the actual energy production of your PV system. Otherwise, the value is derived from the data you entered manually. At portfolio level, this is the total amount of energy produced by all the PV systems in your portfolio for the given period.

Cash Flow: The amount that remains after deducting the operating and debt financing costs from the return for the given period is called the cash flow. If there is a surplus of income over costs, the cash flow becomes positive for the given period. If the cash flow is negative, the income cannot cover the costs. The cash flow of the portfolio represents the cumulative cash flows of the individual PV systems.

CO2 savings: CO2 savings indicate how much carbon dioxide is avoided by operating the plant and are based on an average calculated for the European Union. The total portfolio saving is the sum of these values for all PV installations in your portfolio.
The Financial Peformance Indicators in Milk the Sun's Asset Management are:

Revenue: Depending on the type of feed-in, the revenue is the cash inflow generated by selling the generated energy in exchange for a fixed feed-in tariff and/or the savings from self consumption.

Operating costs: The expenses consist of costs for insurance, maintenance and other costs for the operation of the plant. They are calculated in accordance with the bank's standard.

The investment analysis of the plant is based on three key figures which reflect the economic efficiency of the plant:

Fair value: The present (discounted) value of the future cash flows generated from the present date to the end of the useful life of the asset (assuming the given revenue, cost and financing structure). The total fair value is the sum of the fair values of the individual PV systems in the portfolio.

Return on equity: The return on equity indicates how much return is generated by the use of equity in a given amount and serves to compare different investments. In principle, the higher the return on equity, the better the investment. The average return on equity at portfolio level is calculated as the average of the individual returns on equity of the investments.

Net present value: The net present value indicates whether the investment in this PV system has been successful by calculating the present value of the cash flows generated by this investment. In general, an investment is worthwhile if the net present value is greater than zero. If the actual purchase price is the fair value, the net present value is exactly zero. The total net present value is the sum of the net present values of the individual PV installations in the portfolio.