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Fill out the listing form and request publication

  • Step-by-step submission process
  • Upload images and relevant documents to the storage space
  • Save the data and apply for publication once you're done editing
  • We offer several solutions to speed up the process


We verify and publish your advertisement

  • We verify every advertisement before it goes live
  • In case of any questions we contact you directly
  • After the verificaion, we place the ad online and notify you
  • Potential investors can then view the advertisement on the marketplace


You will receive inquiries from verified investors

  • Potential investors request to unlock your contact details
  • We verify each investor before approving the request
  • After verifying the availability of the project, we release your contact details and investors can contact you directly
  • You can decide at any time whether you want to accept further inquiries from potential investors or you can set the investment to "reserved" if you have enough applicants

You have already gathered all the essential information and know the sales value of your PV-System?

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You are undecided about the current sales value or want to run through different scenarios?

Our Net Worth Calculator helps owners of a PV system determine the sales value of their system quickly, easily and, above all, free of charge.

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How can we help you with the sale?

Not every sale is the same. We adapt to your needs and support you with our flexible solutions.

Expert consultation incl. sales value calculation

Are you unsure about the price?

You receive the sales value calculation as a document and we advise you on pricing. In addition, we support you during the sales process with an up-to-date market evaluation.

Price: 250,00 € plus VAT.

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Listing service incl. advertisement optimization

Do you need help with your advertisement?

We support you in the creation of your advertisement and advise you on the presentation of your PV system and the arrangement of your storage room. Step by step, we go through all the necessary and helpful information as well as the required documents.

Price: 250,00 € plus VAT.

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Incognito offline listing

Do you prefer to use a discreet and direct approach instead of the marketplace to advertise your PV system?

We promote your project outside our online platform - our account managers personally approach potential investors with an offline teaser.

Price: 1.000,00 € plus VAT.

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PV Returns Planner (online)

Do you want an individual valuation and a professional assessment you can rely on in sales negotiations?

With our PV Returns Planner (online) you receive a detailed project analysis to help you make your own sales decision, so that you can confidently negotiate the right price.

Price: 350,00 € plus VAT.

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How can you speed up the sale? Do you want more visibility?

Book a sales package and sell your PV system faster

Online sales package

We place your project prominently on our home page and in the search results as a TOP plant. Additionally, we publish your project in our weekly "PV-Highlights" newsletter which is sent to registered investors.

This package can be booked after you complete the listing process.

Price: 350,00 € plus VAT.

Premium sales package

In addition to the online sales package, our account managers identify suitable investors for your project and contact them directly about your advertisement.

This package can be booked after you complete the listing process.

Price: 750,00 € plus VAT.


You can find an overview of the process at Milk the Sun here.
You are welcome to advertise plants with a minimum size of 10 kWp or a minimum sales value of 25,000€. Unfortunately, smaller plants cannot be advertised cost-effectively due to the inspection effort and the minimum commission.
We recommend that you check the tax aspects of the sale in advance. You can find more tips in this blog article.
A realistic sales value of your PV system can be determined indicatively with the help of the net worth calculator. Basically, for turnkey systems and systems in operation, the value at a return of 6% can be used as a reference.
The duration of this process can vary greatly, from a few weeks to several months. Basically, you can speed up the sale by providing all the necessary information in the listing, uploading relevant documents and offering the asset at a fair market price. In addition, you can increase your chances by using our sales packages.
With our sales packages, you have the opportunity to further promote your listing: by listing it as a top investment, including it as a highlight in our weekly newsletter, and directly targeting suitable investors. This will increase the visibility and clicks of your advertisement. Experience shows that you will receive significantly more inquiries, putting you in a better position to negotiate.
  • Online sales package: Listing as a top investment and publication as a highlight in the newsletter
  • Premium sales package: In addition to online marketing, suitable investors are contacted directly
When selling transferable systems, both the new and the old network operator must be informed about the change of location. In addition, it must be clarified who is responsible for the dismantling and who will bear the costs.

If the costs are paid by the buyer, the sales value is reduced by the amount of the dismantling costs. In the case of old systems, it may be necessary to replace the inverters. These costs must also be factored in.
For a quick sale we recommend providing the following documents in addition to the photos of your system in your Solarganizer: commissioning protocol, PV Sol or utility bills of the last 4 years, lease agreement and land register extract with proof of easement. You can upload the documents in the cockpit under the system name at "Solarganizer".
Only investors who have been previously screened and approved have access to your contact details and the documents in your Solarganizer.
The sale is only possible with an existing first-ranking personal limited easement, because the investor has to present it in case of debt financing.
No, the listing must first be reviewed by our team. You will be contacted by one of our account managers to review the information provided and correct it if necessary.
Yes, you can access your asset advertisement at any time. In your cockpit you can view the project. Under the project name, you will find the option "Advertise PV system" under the "Marketplace" tab. This will take you back to the listing form and you can change your data. Likewise, you can subsequently upload documents - under the system name via "Solarganizer". Please note that the project goes offline after the change and has to be checked by us again.
Milk the Sun is not authorized to provide sample contracts. We will be happy to put you in contact with a suitable law firm from our partner network.