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10.000 m² Unused area, Ground mounted in Germany

104 MWp Project right, Ground mounted in Germany

577 kWp Transferrable system, Rooftop mounted in Germany

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PV system management

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PV services

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One-stop PV management

Our plattform offers you a combination of the world's largest online marketplace for purchasing and selling photovoltaic systems, a professional online management tool and access to selected services for optimizing your solar investment.


Cost-free and transparent

Using our marketplace as well as our online management tool is free of charge for you! Only selected services are fee based, which is always transparently shown to you. You can always easily decide for yourself, if costs and beneftis are reasonably balanced.



Our independence in choosing our partners ensures that you get the services of the highest quality and customer satisfaction for the lowest possible prices. With this in mind, we are working hard to further optimize our services for you.