Our insurance covers the following areas

  • Property insurance: insurance against fire, lightning, explosion, storm, hail, theft, vandalism, animal bite and overvoltage
  • Insurance against loss of profit: You lose profit in the result of an insured property damage? The insurer reimburses the lost feed grid refund!
  • Liability insurance (optional): Conclude insurance against the damage caused by the PV system on the building!
  • Installation insurance (optional): Your PV system is still to be built? Secure the installation of your system!

Why should I change my insurance?

  • Our insurance is focused on PV systems and is negotiated accordingly with our partners - as a result, it offers a better fit to your needs compared to standardized insurances
  • Our insurance premia are based on the current replacement value of PV installations - in case of significantly reduced module prices changing your insurance is exactly what you need
  • Most other PV insurances are based on the original value of PV installations - thus, you save money while enjoying the same insurance coverage!
  • As changing insurance is free of charge, you automatically increase the profitability of your PV system

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What benefits do I get with Milk the Sun?

  • Unbeatable price advantages!
  • We take over the complete processing of your contract
  • Together with our partner, we take care of changing your existing insurance
  • Whether rooftop or ground mounted - we insure your PV system under the best conditions!

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With the all-risks insurance, your PV system is insured against almost all hazards: fire, lightning, explosion, storm, hail, theft, vandalism, animal bite and overvoltage. Excluded are only: wearing, intention of the plant operator, war, terror, nuclear power, defects covered by the manufacturer warranty and damage caused by earthquakes in the following postcode areas: 52062, 52066-52072, 52078-52146, 52222-52382, 52388-52393, 52399-52441, 52457-52499, 52531, 71093, 71111 , 71155, 72070-72149, 72336, 72379-72393, 72406-72475, 72479-72501, 72510-72513, 72517-72519, 72531, 72555, 72585, 72654, 72657, 72667, 72760-72810, 72818-72829, 79400, 79415, 79539-79639, 79689, 88515
Your solar system is insured at the current new value.The insurer reimburses the repair costs or, in the case of total losses, the installation of an equivalent photovoltaic system. If your insurance sum is not sufficient due to the price increase, provisional insurance of 10% comes into force (max. 250,000 €). Besides the renovation costs, the insurer reimburses up to 15,000 € for each of the following additional expenses: clearing/ waste disposal, scaffolding costs, damage detection costs, movement/ protection costs, airfreight costs, bricklaying andlifting works.
If your system does not supply electricity to the power grid in the result of an insured property damage, the insurer reimburses the lost feed-in refund in the amount of the agreed daily allowance. The maximum daily allowance is 1, - € per kWp and day in the period from October to March and 2, - € per kWp and day in the period from April to September. The compensation is reimbursed for up to 6 months. If the repairs are delayed because the building has not yet been restored, this period is extended to 12 months. (This only applies to the damages caused by fire, lightning, explosion, storm and hail).
No! - However, it may be useful to supply your solar system with overvoltage protection. As for the building lightning protection, if it already exists, it must be checked and, if necessary, renovated as soon as the PV system is installed. The solar system must also be integrated into the lightning protection concept. In general, the official guidelines and standards as well as the provisions of the preamble are to be observed.
Energy supply is considered to be an commercial activity, which is not covered by private liability or house- or a landowner liability insurance. This is a coverage gap! Do you already have a business liability insurance (for instance, as a farmer)? In this case as well, the risk "operation of a grid-connected PV system" must be explicitly listed. If your plant is located on a third-party roof, in most cases the owner of the building demands to cover such a liability in order to prevent any damage that may be caused by the PV system to the building. With the gerenal agreement you can conclude a liability insurance with a cover sum of € 6 million.
The policyholder is Mesterheide GmbH Insurance Brokers & Riskmanagers. The insurance covers the solar systems of the registered system operator. In the event of a loss occurance, the compensation is paid exclusively to the system operator (or, if desired by the operator, to the financing bank).
  • For property insurance the insurance begins with the date stated in "Insurance term".
  • For installation insurance the insurance begins with the arrival of the first elements on the construction site.
  • For liability insurance the insurance begins with the establishment of the construction site

However, the earliest insurance starting date in all three cases is the date when the subscribed pages 1 and 2 of the agreement are recieved at Mesterheide GmbH Insurance Brokers & Riskmanagers.
  • For property and liability insurance, insurance extends for the period specified in "Insurance term" year to year as long as the system operator does not terminate the agreement with Mesterheide GmbH Insurance Brokers & Risk Managers with a 3 months notice.
  • For installation insurance, the insurance ends with putting the system into service, but not later than in 6 months after the insurance came into force.

In all three cases the insurance cover exists only as long as the general agreement exists. Should the general agreement be terminated, the insurer notifies the system operator in writing at least one month before the expiry.
We recommend that you inform your building insurer about the installation of the photovoltaic system, since as a policyholder you must notify the insurer of any so-called risk increase. If this is not done, the insurer has the opportunity to refuse payng the refund in case of a loss. For this reason, you should keep the confirmation of sending out the notification to the insurer safe.
A precondition for getting compensation is the immediate notification of Mesterheide GmbH Insurance Insurance Brokers & Risk Managers (Am Ringofen 2, 36304 Alsfeld) of the occured damages. Damages up to an amount of 5,000 € may be repaired immediately. Damaged parts must be kept and meaningful pictures must be made. Damages caused by fire, theft, vandalism or loss must also be reported to the responsible police office.
No! - We take care of the smooth termination of existing insurance contracts and thus ensure that you enjoy a complete insurance coverage.