Technical operations management and maintenance for the PV system

When does it make sense to outsource technical operations management and regular maintenance to a professional service provider?

  • You have neither time nor capacity to personally ensure the smooth operation and to take necessary measures for the operational safety and stable yield of your PV system
  • You need an independent and experienced partner who constantly monitors and optimises the technical performance and yield – without neglecting the cost-benefit ratio
  • You cannot or do not want to constantly monitor the performance of your PV system but need assistance in identifying possible technical defects - you need a trustworthy partner who does not only identify the defects but also eliminates them within the determined framework, especially in case of yield losses
  • You want to hand over all necessary and recommended measures for the preventative maintenance of your solar plant that are in line with manufacturer's specifications to an experienced partner
  • You require a tailor-made package, which covers all relevant aspects of technical operations management and regular maintenance

Which services are provided by our experienced partners within the scope of technical operations management and maintenance?

  • Competent performance monitoring to ensure proper PV system safety, performance and identification of performance deficits
  • Regular targeted reporting, including the comparison of the actual system performance with reference PV systems in order to objectively assess the performance and optimisation potential at any time
  • Incident management – from defect detection to rectification within the determined response time – whether by means of coordinating your service team or delegating the task to a local service provider, depending on your requirements
  • Regular control and preventative maintenance at fixed time intervals to ensure optimal yield concept and to maintain warranty claims
  • A package tailored to your needs for the operation and maintenance of your PV system with a direct personal contact person

Your exclusive advantages as a Milk the Sun client

  • Our selected partners are responsible for the technical operations management of a wide range of PV systems of all sizes worldwide. Let this expertise unlock the maximal potential of your PV system
  • We support and consult you in identifying the ideal partner for a sustainable and long term investment – without any additional effort from your side
  • We guarantee attractive terms and a simple but effective offering and executiong process with our partners

We have convinced you?

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Generally, technical operations management and technical maintenance are often used as synonyms. Maintenance according to the manufacturer's specifications is usually included in technical management. You can commission both pure remote monitoring and maintenance individually. Technical operations management usually includes monitoring & reporting, incident management and regular maintenance on site at specified intervals. Additional packages, such as system cleaning, green maintenance and anti-theft protection can be booked additionally.
Technical operations management makes sense above all if you want to get the ongoing service from a professional partner who ensures optimal yields, carries out all the measures that are necessary to fulfil your legal obligations as an operator of a PV system and reacts quickly if the plant does not run optimally. If you do not have time to regularly check your yield values, we will be happy to work with you to find out which solution makes the most sense for you.
Maintenance in accordance with manufacturer's specifications generally depends on the installed components of a photovoltaic system. For example, some inverters require maintenance every 6 months, whereas 12-month intervals are more common. A professional technical operator always bears the recommended actions for regular maintenance in mind, including the DGUV test, which is required every fourth year.
Technical operations management package can be adjusted according to the customers needs. The larger the PV system is, the lower is the price for technical management per kWp, as economies of scale occurs. From simple remote monitoring (on up to 7 days a week basis) to green maintenance and anti-theft protection, you determine the scope of services yourself - therefore optimising your own cost-benefit calculation
Together with you, we will find out which services are the most suitable and make the most sense for you. Milk the Sun works with selected, experienced and market-leading partners who manage several hundreds megawatts worldwide. Benefit from a comprehensive and experienced network of partners, who will take care of your solar plant within the shortest possible response periods, even in cases of emergency.
Competence and trustworthiness are important decision-making criteria when commissioning a technical operations manager. Milk the Sun works only with a few selected partners with proven expertise and excellent references. Our carefully selected partners have experience with all possible PV systems, whether large or small, rooftop- or ground-mounted. We remain your contact person during the entire offer preparation process and support you in the selection process.
No, Milk the Sun services are completely free of charge for you. Your personal offer is also entirely non-binding.