Fast and easy - our Net Worth Calculator

Our Net Worth Calculator makes it very easy for you to calculate the value of your PV-System at any time.

Our Net Worth Calculator helps owners of a PV-System to determine the sales value of their system quickly, easily and above all free of charge.

Net Worth Calculator: Well prepared for negotiations

The evaluation of your PV-System with our Net Worth Calculator is the basis for the successful sale of your PV-System. This way, you can calculate the current value or net value of your PV-System at any point in time you specify, taking into account the current return expectations of potential buyers.

The result of our Net Worth Calculator is very specific and accurate thanks to the consideration of different, individually relevant criteria. For example, current insurance and maintenance costs, costs for external financing and / or possibly existing lease conditions are taken into account. The Net Worth Calculator offers potential buyers and investors an objective assessment of the current value of your PV-System in just a few simple steps.

If the value of your PV-System surprises you pleasantly, you can advertise your system for sale on the Milk the Sun marketplace.

Click here for detailed instructions on how to use our Net Worth Calculator.

Detailed check of your sales value

Our Net Worth Calculator provides you with an initial and extremely accurate indication of the sales value of your PV-System and is designed to help you make your first decision.

We recommend that you have a professional audit carried out before a transaction. This usually takes the form of a technical, commercial and legal due diligence, which we are happy to offer you.

As a seller, you can make your offer even more attractive for investors, and as a potential investor, you can be sure that your investment will keep its promise.


The Net Worth Calculator is a price indication tool which allows you to determine the sales price of your system in a few easy steps.
You can access the form by clicking on the green button "Calculate value". If you're already logged in all you have to do is fill out the form and click on "Calculate". You'll see your results right under the form. If you're not logged in or don't have an account yet you'll have to first subscribe to our Newsletter before you can see your results. For a detailed step by step explanation on how to use the Net Worth Calculator, click here.
In order to make the Net Worth Calculator a quick and easy tool certain assumptions have been made. The remuneration period is set to 20 years from the grid connection date. The debt financing starts with the grid connection. Inflation, tax and depreciation effects are not taken into account.
Check if any of the fields are marked red or if your inputs are realistic. If all the fields are marked green, your inputs are correct and the Net Worth Calculator still doesn't work, send us a message in the chat or call us. We'll be happy to assist you.