Sell a running PV system? That’s how it works.

You want to sell your running PV system and find a suitable investor? Depending on size, price, grid connection date and yield of the plant, this can succeed faster or slower. Important is the right marketing of your solar plant. Milk the Sun allows you precisely that and helps you searching for the right investors. We explain to you why it is no problem to sell a running photovoltaic plant.

Topic overview:

  • Why sell a PV system?
  • How can I sell a running PV system?

1. Why sell a PV system?

The construction of a solar plant is a long-term investment of at least 20 years. However, selling a running PV plant is – despite popular opinion – no problem. There are the following reasons for a smooth sale of a PV plant:

Secure returns

PV plants are relatively secure investments since their return is independent of market and stock exchange movements. Due to the government-guaranteed feed-in tariffs, the return of a PV plant on the basis of fixed payment streams can be exactly calculated.

20 years guaranteed feed-in tariffs

In Germany, the governmental feed-in tariffs are guaranteed over a period of 20 years. Therefore, a solar plant which is regularly maintained generates consistent returns year by year. Even after this 20-year period, the PV plant continues to generate electricity which can be sold on the market and thus yields revenue.

The older the PV system, the higher the feed-in tariff

The earlier a plant was connected to the grid, the higher is the remuneration for the electricity it produces. Older plants therefore generate more revenue than new ones. The higher feed-in tariffs provide an additional incentive for investors to buy the plant. On the flipside are higher acquisition costs and a shorter remaining run-time.

Value of a PV system precisely calculable anytime

The value of a PV plant can be very exactly determined based on different parameters. This simplifies a purchase decision since a resale is possible at any time due to the precise price determination.

Low loss risk

The loss risk of a solar plant sale is considerably lower compared to other capital investment types such as stocks since there are no major fluctuations. Due to this prognosis security, PV plants are in high demand and a secure investment for private investors.

2. How can I sell a running PV system?

At Milk the Sun, you can offer your running solar plant and photovoltaic projects of any kind for sale. After the verification of the completeness of the submitted documentation, the specified data, the price and the yield, we present your solar plant or PV projects to potential investors.