Commercial management from a single source by experienced specialists in photovoltaics

The external allocation of individual areas or the whole commercial management makes sense for you, if

  • you always want to keep an eye on the liquidity and profitability of your PV investment
  • you want to set the right levers in motion to optimize the yield of your plants and reduce operating costs with the help of the experts
  • you want to reduce operator risks as much as possible
  • you want to quickly and easily find the best possible way to market the yields of your PV plants
  • you need a simple way to manage multiple companies

Depending on your needs and requirements, commercial management can cover the following areas:

  • Cash management, controlling & accounting: ensuring the liquidity of your investment by means of comprehensive budget planning and conducting target/actual comparisons and accounting
  • Administration: support in controlling and managing your special-purpose entity, from administrative and corporative requirements to business management
  • Contract and risk management: continuous optimization of the existing service contracts and risk assessment
  • Optimisation of the commercialization strategy, taking into account classic (EEG) as well as innovative commercialization concepts and additional revenue opportunities

What are my advantages as a Milk the Sun client?

  • Full transparency regarding the scope of services and costs of different solutions for commercial management of your PV investment
  • Optimized solutions particularly for small to medium-sized portfolios
  • Quick and easy offer and order processing as well as competent support at each step
  • An international, experienced and PV-specialized partner network

We have convinced you?

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What clients say about us


Commercial management is a term for a broad and mostly modular range of services to ensure the best possible returns on your investment: simple accounting, full controlling, claims management, optimisation of the existing contracts and other services.
The prices depend on the size of the plant, the number of plants managed and the desired range of services. With increasing volumes (in kWp), the price for commercial management per kWp decreases, as economies of scale occurs. The individual services can always be optionally removed or added, so that the final offer meets your requirements.
Together with you, we will find out which services are the most suitable and make the most sense for you. Milk the Sun works with selected, experienced and market-leading partners who manage several hundreds megawatts worldwide. Benefit from a comprehensive and experienced network of partners, who will take care of your solar plant within the shortest possible response periods!
Competence and trustworthiness are important decision-making criteria when commissioning a commercial manager. Milk the Sun works only with a few selected partners with proven expertise and excellent references. Our carefully selected partners have experience with all possible PV systems and portfolios, whether large or small. We remain your first contact during the entire offer preparation process and support you in the partner selection process.
No, Milk the Sun services are completely free of charge for you. Your personal offer is also entirely non-binding.