Professional and independent photovoltaic yield report

When do I need a PV yield report?

  • If you are planning to invest in a photovoltaic system and need security about the suitability of the location
  • If you would like to support your financing request with a proven and bankable yield report. In some cases you will even need several independent reports
  • If you want to compare the actual yield of your PV plant with the forecast one and identify possible causes of deviations
  • If you want to substantiate your position in legal or insurance matters with a professional opinion

What does a PV yield report include?

  • Assessment of the location suitability based on the historical meteorological data
  • Determination of the expected yield based on the project-specific system configuration (shading, radiation angle, plant design, etc.)
  • Calculation of project-specific influence and loss factors that affect the yield of the photovoltaic system
  • Statement on the potential specific return by accredited evaluators who make an independent and qualified analysis

What benefits do I get with Milk the Sun?

  • Cost optimization and transparency: We select the right solution from the wide range of our partners for your needs
  • Independence: We are your impartial partner and can also provide several independent photovoltaic yield reports through cooperation with our partners
  • Fixed prices and standards: We have developed standard prices with our partners to give you price security
  • Internationality and capacity: We work with renowned partners who provide solutions for both international and national projects

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A yield assessment presents the results (expected specific yield and performance ratio) for a photovoltaic system at a defined location. For this purpose, the evaluator uses special software solutions and takes into account the project-specific influence and loss factors, which are included in the calculation. Such factors as specific meteorological data, as well as, for example, information about the built-in components, orientation and shading of the solar system are taken into account.
A yield report is much more detailed than an estimation. The main reason here is the fact that all the basic planning and site-specific influence factors used for the report are then known in detail. For example, the analysis of the shading in a yield report will be more accurate than in the initialyield estimation, as detailed assumptions are made. For the first profitability calculation, a yield estimate is often sufficient. However, as soon as a report is needed, (for a bank, for example) a complete photovoltaic yield assessment is absolutely necessary.
Banks that offer photovoltaic financing have high yield assessment requirements. Some banks deman even several independent yield assessments, especially for projects over a certain size. In this case, the verifier must prove that the software used meets specific requirements (for example, a detailed and well-founded shading analyses or a long-term database of meteorological figures). Those who want to be sure that each bank will accept the yield forecast should resort only to tried and tested solutions (for example, PVsyst). Milk the Sun is committed to ensuring that all its partners meet the requirements for bankable yield reports.
Many clients already have a revenue simulation from their construction vendor (e.g., PV * SOL), which can be validated by our partners for plausibility and correctness, and used as a starting point for a detailed and bankable income statement. A yield estimation is never created ""free of charge"". However, if you want to be sure, you should always have a non-independent simulation checked by an independent service provider with experience in determining the yield of photovoltaic systems.
The prices of yield reports and yield estimations are very different from supplier to supplier, and as always, the cheapest offer is not always the right solution, and the price depends heavily on the configuration and size of the photovoltaic system to be assessed. Our employees know the individual prices as well as the needs of the customers very well and can advise you on which solution fits perfectly and how expensive it is. At Milk the Sun you will usually receive a first price indication within two working days as well as a checklist of the required data for a valid offer.
Depending on the client's goals, Milk the Sun partners use a variety of techniques to ensure the best value for your money. The requirements are high, especially for bankable yield reports: certified and recognized programs such as PVsyst are needed.
Generally, a yield report for any photovoltaic system can be created anywhere in the world. Our partners produce their yield reports for international projects in English.