A team that works together out of passion and with joy

Advocating sustainability is one thing, working in the sustainability sector is another. At Milk the Sun, we're working on a shared vision of actively supporting the energy transition by expanding renewable energies and getting closer to it every day.

With Milk the Sun we make sustainable investments in renewable energies possible for everyone! Our platform is the one-stop shop for independent investors in and operators of photovoltaic systems and offers a "digital home" for their projects and investments.

Doing something meaningful and having fun while earning money at the same time are not goals that exclude themselves! Our colleagues form the link between all parties and are the essential "ingredient" both for the success of our customers and our company - and perhaps soon you will be as well?

We look forward to seeing you!

You want to make a pro-active contribution to the global energy transition and become a part of our team?

Apply for one of our vacancies or convince us with your spontaneous application. Please send your documents with a possible start date by mail to jobs@milkthesun.com. We have always supported diversity - your application will only be processed on the basis of professional qualifications. Do you still have questions? Please feel free to contact us by e-mail at any time.


After we have received your application, you will receive a written confirmation from us with contact details of your contact person, who you can contact at any time if you have any questions about the process.
After reviewing your documents, we will give you feedback as soon as possible and, if necessary, arrange a first meeting with you on the phone or via video-chat.
After that we will invite you to our office - here you will get to know a part of the team, at the very least your professional colleagues, and get a first impression of how we work.
As a rule, we make decisions very quickly. In order to make your start with us as smooth as possible, you will receive your own onboarding plan and insights into the entire work processes of our individual teams and colleagues.
We are a small team in which everyone has a great influence on the overall performance - as well as on the atmosphere - therefore the personal fit and attitude are very important, even when it comes to the topic of sustainability.
We are still trying out a lot, like a classic start-up. This means that curiosity and initiative are important in any case, as is a certain degree of frustration tolerance.
Our team works together with passion and joy. We believe in the positive impact of our work and have always been consciously diverse. Our employees currently come from 7 countries and speak 11 languages. Nevertheless, we share a common vision. Each of us has clear areas of responsibility and individual development paths. In our experienced team, a lively exchange takes place at eye level so that everyone can learn from each other. We offer plenty of scope for our own ideas and implementations with an open feedback culture, and flat hierarchies enable us to make quick decisions.
First and foremost, it is important for us to offer a meaningful job by creating real added value with our product and thus contributing to the global energy transition. Every employee is given an insight into the entire Milk the Sun work process from day one. Through our regular monthly meetings, stand-ups, feedback rounds, internal workshops or informal team meetings without upper management, everyone is given the responsibility and opportunity to play an active role in Milk the Sun. Through flexible working hours we try to offer as much flexibility as possible. Milk the Sun cultivates a green corporate culture - we support active commitment to social and environmental movements. Our office is only a few minutes away from Treptower Park and we try to create a relaxed working atmosphere in our bright and green offices. Of course, we also offer the "usual" benefits, such as team breakfasts, fresh fruit and drinks. Quality is always more important than quantity.